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Betwixt Wines are makers of intriguing wines produced in small lots in San Francisco.  Our goal is to create authentic wines that are defined by nature, not humans.  By leaving behind preconceptions about what great wines are, we free ourselves to create wines that are truly expressive of time and place.

Minimalist winemaking techniques are central to our overall approach. Winemaker Tim Telli does as little as possible to the grapes and allows native fermentations to take place after cold soaking periods of up to a week.  Wines are gently pressed and then left in barrel with no racking until bottling. Betwixt wines are always unfined and unfiltered.

We would like to express gratitude to our friends Richard Leland, Andrew Vingiello, Ed Kurtzman and the team at ROAR Wines who have helped and taught us many things over the years.

Label Artwork by: Design Womb

Meet the team

Tim Telli

Winemaker & Proprietor

Tim started getting serious about wine in 2001 while living in Brooklyn.  What began as a casual interest quickly grew into an all-out fascination.  He knew he wanted to make a career in the wine industry.  When he and his wife, Melissa, decided to pick up and move to San Francisco, the pieces started falling into place.  He landed a job at Vintage Wine & Spirits, a 80 year old wine shop in Mill Valley known for having a great selection of hard to find wines.  Tasting 80+ wines each week at the shop was great training for his palate and fed his insatiable curiosity.  Working as a harvest intern for AP Vin, August West and ROAR Wines gave him valuable exposure to the production side of the business, which inspired him to create his own wines.

Tim is originally from West Sussex, England, which heavily influenced both the choice of name and label art for Betwixt Wines.  Tim and Melissa now live in the Mission District of San Francisco with their boys, Oliver and Sebastian. 

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